Scott Arthur

Melbourne, Australia

A little bit about me...



I’m a passionate technologist with years of experience in web development, and recent focus on infrastructure automation and developer experience for software delivery.

I believe the best problems to solve in technology are not just technical, but involve people and communication, and strive to put the experience of our users at the forefront of my work.

Keeping on top of shifts in technology, and best-practices within a fast-moving industry is something I care deeply about, and spend a significant part of my time focusing.

My Skills

I Ruby

Infrastructure Automation

Long-time Linux User

I Get Git

Passionate about UX

Agile & DevOps

My Work

My Roles

Infrastructure Programmer - Team Lead


The previous 6 months at IOOF, I have been in a lead role within my team which has added team management, team roadmap planning, stakeholder communication, and vendor management to my responsibilities.

2018 - Present

Infrastructure Programmer


During my initial 4 years at IOOF, I developed my skills in infrastructure automation, and software delivery tools, while contributing to our team’s efforts to make it easy for software delivery teams to efficiently deliver their software for the business.

While I have been involved in all aspects of our team’s infrastructure automation work, I have given particular focus to our internal platform-as-a-service and the underlying Linux container ecosystem it is based on.

I was often in the de-facto technical lead position within the team, providing technical leadership, as well as mentoring less experienced members of the team.

2014 - 2018

Web Developer


I worked as a self-employed web developer for 8 years, building websites and web applications for small to medium sized businesses.

During this time I completed a large number of projects for a variety of clients, a sample of which are listed below:
Projects of Note
Companies I’ve Worked With

2006 - 2014

Web Administrator

Working In

During my time at Working In, I was a member of the web team, and was responsible for email newsletter development, coordinating work on our websites with our external web development company, and search engine optimisation of our website’s content.

2002 - 2006

Projects of Note

Call Reporting System (CRS)

Auckland Coin Machines

Seamlessly integrated legacy PHP system + database with gradual migration to Ruby on Rails.

Increased test coverage from zero to over 90%.

2011 - Present

Gift Card System

eCard Solutions

Worked with database vendor in Malaysia to expose web functionality for cardholders, merchants and program owners.

Broke up web infrastructure into service-oriented components with public and private REST APIs

2008 - Present

Wedding Registry System

Flight Centre NZ

Took over legacy classic ASP system and gradually integrated new Ruby code. Integrated with various eCard Solutions APIs.

2012 - Present

Hornet - Ruby on Rails CMS

My own multi-tenant Ruby on Rails CMS. Used for many small to medium traffic sites.

2010 - Present

The Orbit

Monash University

Monash University has an organisation-wide requirement to use Google services.

In order to meet their requirements, I built custom CMS using Rails that integrated various Google APIs, extending the functionality of the Blogger based site.


Warren & Mahoney

Alt Group

Worked on original build, doing CMS integration and performance improvements.

I also built an Ember.js component for generating tiles on homepage and integrated with Expression Engine CMS.


Companies I've Worked With

Auckland Coin Machines

Alt Group

eCard Solutions

Flight Centre NZ

Market Place Media

Pacific Media Network